What is Junk Gardening and How to Get Started

When a little touch of whimsy just won't do. This is a growing passion among gardeners that has grown over the last few years.

Below is my personal copy of the magazine. I keep it along with my other magazines I use for ideas.

My First Copy of Flea Market Gardens

 This section of my garden is where I'm planning my next up-cycling project. I am going to start with the bird cage I bought from a thrift store. It was gold but I painted it with primer and then added yellow. I was just going to give it a rust treatment, but I decided against it. I wanted this side of my garden to be more chic less rustic.

I really got started after finding a Flea Market Garden magazine. It became one of my favorite garden decor magazines (wish there were more articles), but that's were Pinterest came in. I pinned all the ideas I wanted to recreate. Another book that has lots of ideas is Garden Junk.

Junk gardening is all about the creative use of found objects being used in your garden or outdoor space. It has become so popular there are many blogs and even a few magazines dedicated to just that. It is whimsical, fun and there is never a dull moment trying to create your next piece of yard art. Who does Junk gardening? I would say anyone and everyone who is an artist at heart and loves more than just a touch of whimsy. Most junk gardens are created by people who have an artist soul. They create these masterpieces and looking at them can bring the same joy as they felt when they created them.

 Watch this old toolbox went from
Photo Credit

to this very whimsical garden container.
Photo credit: Junkgardening magazine

 More up-cycled garden decor from blogger Carlene at Organized Clutter. Her garden looks anything but junky.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit: Organized Clutter

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

It's really up to each individual how much or how little to add but it is definitely still trending in 2017. Bicycles, chairs, ladders, and wheel barrows are all common in up-cycled/junk garden decor.

For more garden ideas check out my one of my favorite gardening magazines.

Do you Junk Garden?  We would be glad to hear from you ,just leave your comments below

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures". ~Frances Bacon


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