Jerome Rodale

Do not under estimate the benefits of healthy living, Jerome Irving Rodale was frequently ill as a child and decided to improve his health by taking self-improvement classes and began body building.
Rodale studied and put into practice the theories of Sir Albert Howard. He combined Howard’s theories with observations of his own and put these to use on his farm.

Rodale along with his wife Anna began a farm in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. He gardened with the belief that plants and vegetables raised with all natural manure and compost were healthier for you than those raised with chemicals. Rodale developed the organic method of farming and published the first issue of Organic Gardening and Farming. Rodale made sure to cover topics that promote organic gardening.  He covered such topics as, problems with pesticides, the use of insects and earthworms. Rodale became a powerful advocate for organic gardening, but his interest in this method of gardening was mostly a health choice. You may recognize his name from his many health publications such as prevention magazine. There are many books published under Rodale publications now.
"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures". ~Frances Bacon


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